‘The Nanny’ Turns 30: See the Most-Viewed Clips From the Fran Drescher Comedy (VIDEO)

As SAG-AFTRA president, Fran Drescher is a hero of the ongoing actors’ strike. But 30 years ago, she was embarking on what would become her signature role: playing Fran Fine on the CBS sitcom The Nanny.

The six-season series, created by Drescher and then-husband Peter Marc Jacobson, debuted on November 3, 1993, as the fictional Fran left her middle-class Queens existence for a new job with an upper-class Manhattan family. Cultural clashes, countless laughs, and two consecutive Emmy nominations for Drescher ensued.

Three decades later, fans are still enjoying The Nanny on Max, where it started streaming in 2021, and on YouTube, where the official channel has racked up more than 170 million views. Of those YouTube clips, here are the most-watched…

10. “Fran Sees Maxwell in the Shower!”: 1.2 million views

The Fran Drescher character gets an eyeful of her boss in Season 1’s “The Family Plumbing” when she barges in on Maxwell (Charles Shaughnessy) in the bathroom. “It’s like seeing your father naked!” a hysterical Fran later tells butler Niles (Daniel Davis). Then, under her breath, she quips, “My mother should be so lucky.”

9. “It’s Maggie’s Wedding!”: 1.2 million views

Speaking of hysterics, Fran freaks out — and goes into labor — in Season 6 when she learns that Maggie’s (Nicholle Tom) soon-to-be husband is related to James Brolin and that the actor and wife Barbra Streisand are coming to the wedding. “My dreams are finally coming true — I’m going to be a Streisand,” she gasps.

8. “Fran Meets Maxwell’s Mom!”: 1.3 million views

In Season 3’s “The Two Mrs. Sheffields,” Maxwell gets so worked up by the disapproval of his meddling mother (played guest star Dina Merrill) that he proposes to Fran and then pulls her into a liplock. “Marry you?” Fran responds. “Oh, this is all so sudden. I mean, I’m really going to have to think about — OK!”

7. “Fran and Maxwell Meet Maggie’s Boyfriend!”: 1.3 million views

When Fran and Maxwell first meet Maggie’s future husband, Michael (Andrew Levitas), they can’t figure out why he looks familiar… until Fran recognizes him as an underwear model with a Times Square billboard. “Honey! Honey! This is the tushy that hangs over your marquee!” she tells Maxwell.

6. “Is Maggie Pregnant?”: 1.3 million views

Sneaking a pregnancy test into the household is practically Mission: Impossible in Season 6’s “I’m Pregnant,” after Maggie tells Fran she suspects she’s expecting. Once the two have a moment to themselves, they await the results. “It says if you’re not pregnant, it’ll turn pink,” Fran says. “If you are pregnant, it will turn blue, as will we all.”

5. “Fran Tells Maxwell She’s Pregnant!”: 1.4 million views

Speaking of pregnancies, once Maxwell learns that he and Fran have a little one on the way, they both daydream about the incoming addition to the family. “I hope he has your hair,” Fran says. “And my voice,” Maxwell adds, before catching himself.

4. “Fran Wants to Adopt the Children!” 1.7 million views

In Season 6’s “Sara’s Parents,” Fran urges her stepchildren to spend time with their maternal grandparents, even if they’re opposed to Fran signing adoption papers. “I want you to have a nice evening with your grandparents,” she tells them. “Go put on something pretty and handsome. Just no animal prints or sequins — these people have no regard for haute couture.”

3. “Frank Wins a Kissing Content!”: 3.2 million views

When Maxwell can’t believe that Fran won her way onto a Billy Ray Cyrus album cover through a kissing skills contest, Fran proves that she has the skills. “Well, I’m sorry I had to get tough with you, but you had to learn,” she says, leaving her stunned employer with (lipstick-smeared) mouth agape.

2. The Nanny series premiere: 4.9 million views

After Fran loses her bridal-shop job in The Nanny’s first episode, she shows up on Maxwell’s doorstep and talks her way into a nannying job — even after he mistakes her Yiddish (“Oh boy, do you have gorgeous tchotchkes”) for sexual innuendo.

1. “Fran’s Voice Changes After She Eats Wasabi!”: 8.4 million views

Fran lost her nasally accent — temporarily — after unwittingly swallowing a pile of wasabi and falling off her stool during a sushi dinner with C.C. (Lauren Lane), Maxwell’s business partner. “Gee, you know, that mustard really clears up the nasal passages,” she remarks. “I like it!”

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