SAG Awards 2023: BLONDE Star Ana de Armas in Louis Vuitton: IN or OUT?

The reason we need your help is because there comes a point in our endless bitching where we’re just repeating our grievances and not really engaging with the look as much as we’d like to. In other words, we’ve spent so much time bitching about plunging necklines, bows on gowns, and Miss Ana’s particular preferences, very few of which seem to suit her, that we don’t think you should trust our assessment. Of course we’ll give it anyway: The textile is gorgeous, but we’d have loved to have seen the backing rendered in a rich or bright color. She doesn’t look bad in black or neutrals, but she has the kind of coloring that makes bold hues really pop. We hate the bows and the double straps. We don’t understand why her hair is always a limp mess. She needs to take Marilyn’s advice to heart and start wearing more jewelry. There. We don’t hate it, but we don’t love it either. Are we being unfair? Put another way…

Ana De Armas’s Big Pile of Preferences

IN or OUT?  

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