Office Parody Video Shows Brian Baumgartner Helping the Green Bay Packers

Office Parody Video Shows Brian Baumgartner Helping the Green Bay Packers

Kevin Malone laughing for the camera in The Office

A new Office parody video shows Brian Baumgartner lending a helping hand to the Green Bay Packers. Even though The Office aired its final episode back in 2013, the NBC show continues to live on as one of the most influential and beloved sitcoms of all time. The series first aired in 2005 and ran for nine seasons, with Baumgartner playing the role of Kevin Malone, one of Dunder Mifflin’s bumbling accountants.

Baumgartner’s role as Kevin evidently struck a chord with audiences as, this year, he was the most booked person on Cameo in the U.S., earning over one million dollars from the app alone. Baumgartner isn’t the only one who continues the legacy of The Office, however, with Jenna Fischer, who played Pam, and Angela Kinsey, who played Angela, hosting the Office Ladies podcast and reflecting on their time on the show. The lasting impact of The Office can also be seen with star John Krasinski, whose role as Jim skyrocketed him to movie-star status and paved the way for him to become one of the most bankable actors and directors today.

The Office' actor Brian Baumgartner shares his favorite parts about playing  Kevin Malone

In a new parody video posted to the Green Bay Packers YouTube channel, titled “The Bye Week,” Baumgartner proves he’s not done with Office antics just yet as he is enlisted to help out around Lambeau Field. The video, which is filmed in the mockumentary style of The Office, with deadpan jokes and interview cutaways, features Baumgartner channeling his inner Kevin Malone. Baumgartner fumbles his way through mail delivery, giving stadium tours, and answering the phone until he is eventually let go for his countless mistakes. There are even a few nods to popular gags from The Office.
Baumgartner’s participation in the video further reinforces the actor’s love of sports and, when he’s not busy topping the charts on Cameo, he hosts his very own NFL podcast. The video also proves that, more than eight years after The Office ended, the show still holds a special place in many people’s hearts. The comment section for the video is filled with praise, with many fans pointing out their favorite callbacks to the original show. The background of one interview scene with Baumgartner features an iPad with a DVD logo bouncing from side to side, a nod to a cold open from The Office where, during a meeting, the staff ignores Michael in favor of the DVD logo behind him in the hopes that it perfectly aligns with the corner of the TV screen.

The Office's Brian Baumgartner makes $1,000,000 on Cameo | Metro News

Much like how Friends or Seinfeld defined a whole generation of audiences, The Office now stands as the definitive beginning of its very own era, with countless other shows inspired by its unique mockumentary style. Even WandaVision, a superhero series that features episodes inspired by the most formative shows of each decade dating back to I Love Lucy in the 1950s, had an episode closely following the style of The Office. While comments from the cast have made clear that any sort of Office revival is unlikely, Brian Baumgartner is fortunately still willing to revisit the character of Kevin Malone for countless fans around the world.

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