Ana De Armas Shows Off Impressively Jacked Abs In A Sports Bra In Instagram Videos Training For ‘The Gray Man’

The Gray Man is out on Netflix on Friday <puts in calendar> and actress Ana de Armas is posting all kinds of BTS content on Instagram about it. The latest: Some really cool stunt training she went through to gear up for her role as CIA agent Dani Miranda.

There’s the 34-year-old chilling in what looks like a bar on set with perfect winged eyeliner, Ana in a cool floral-print suit going over a fight scene, Ana faux beating the crap out of a guy while looking seriously strong in some athleisure at a gym, Ana fighting another guy while wielding a gun and flashing some impressively toned abs, and Ana joking about the way she runs at the gun range.

“I still run like a chicken 🐥,” she joked in the caption. “But, I wanna thank the incredible stunts team who helped me train and get ready for this incredibly demanding role. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Also, we had the best time. 🙏🏻♥️”

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It’s clear that Ana has been working her booty off to get her stunts right, and that’s pretty standard for her. Ana told Vogue UK that she’s all in when it comes to training for action movies.

FWIW, Ana said Pilates gave her a mental boost as well, noting that it was helpful for “keeping me sane” while she was filming.

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Ana is big on just being outside in nature, too, and she’s got the ‘grams to prove it. There’s Ana hiking around in snowy weather with her dog, Elvis:

After a long workout, Ana likes to unwind with a massage gun, as one does. “I hold all of my tension in my shoulders and my legs, and this device is truly incredible,” she told Vogue of using a Theragun. And she actually has two of them—a big one and a mini one for travel.

“It’s a triangle shape that fits anywhere—in all of my purses—and I bring it with me on the plane, to set, to my trailer,” she says. “Especially on this movie, there’s so much action, and this is great for a warm-up before we start the choreography as it activates everything, and you can use it again to cool down. It’s a good complement to Epsom salts and arnica cream as it helps the muscles to relax.”

Ana de Armas, everyone!

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