Ana de Armas: ‘Marilyn Monroe is always with me’

Actress Ana de Armas said it felt like Marilyn Monroe was by her side the entire time she was filming "Blonde".
According to Reuters, the star who received a Golden Globe nomination said at a press conference on the occasion of the premiere of Blonde at the Venice Film Festival (Italy) on September 8: "I really believe that she is very close to the film crew. Marilyn." Monroe occupied my mind during filming. It was a beautiful experience."
Ana de Armas spoke as if instructed and reminded by the late actress. "I think Marilyn Monroe was satisfied with the movie. She would riot every time she saw something she didn't like. This may sound superstitious but I think it's true. The whole crew felt it," said the star. Cuban origin added.

Also at the press conference, director and screenwriter Andrew Dominik said that the crew chose to film at the apartment where the late actor used to live with his mother. They also filmed Monroe's death scene where she took her last breath. The Australian filmmaker said he chose the actress's death anniversary (August 4) to start filming.

Blonde received positive feedback from Venice audiences after the premiere on the evening of September 8. Everyone stayed and stood and applauded for 14 minutes for the crew. Ana de Armas could not hold back her tears at the support from the audience. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt - director of the production company - continuously thanked everyone in the theater.

Before the film festival, the project received many doubts and objections from the public after announcing the female lead role. Some viewers criticized Armas's voice as not suitable for the late star. The representative of Marilyn Monroe's estate later spoke out in support of Armas and the film crew.

Director Andrew Dominik personally chose Ana de Armas for the main role. The actor said he was very excited to embody the American legend despite his Cuban nationality. "I think a lot about the fate of women in this industry. Through the film, I feel that many problems in the 1930s and 1950s still exist today. Without a solid foundation like the family support, it's hard to live in Hollywood," she told The Times of London in 2021.

The script is based on the novel of the same name by writer Joyce Carol Oates, first released in 2000. The content of the book and film are both in the fantasy genre, inspired by the life of star Marilyn Monroe instead of following the author's direction. biographical product. The film is expected to be released online at the end of September, and is expected to be a candidate for this year's awards season.

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