Secrets behind the scenes of ‘Fifty Shades’ of realistic sex scenes

Actress Dakota Johnson has to stick a nude pad tightly in her private area before each hot scene.

In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Dakota Johnson confessed that filming passionate sex scenes with actor Jamie Dornan was not easy: “It was quite unusual and not interesting at all. Never before.” Now it’s simple”.

The 28-year-old actress said that there were countless uncomfortable moments during the filming process, such as having to wear a patch to cover her sensitive area while nude in a sex scene. Dakota said: “I use something like wireless underwear with adhesive. It’s not a normal glue but it’s very sticky. Basically, it’s almost like a breast patch but it covers the area.” The bottom part has super strong adhesion so it won’t fall off. I can wear 2 at a time.

Dakota và Jamie trong một cảnh quay.

“It doesn’t hurt, I mean it almost doesn’t hurt,” Dakota added, “but you know how it feels when you’re covered by something. It’s freaky as hell.”

Among the many hot scenes in the three movies, Dakota revealed that the most difficult scene was performing “masochism – masochism” in the red room with Jamie Dornan at the end. She shared: “I was handcuffed with my hands and feet to an iron gate. It was like a fence ready to collapse. And I was blindfolded. This made me very confused because I realized that even though I was No matter how carefully I prepared or rehearsed, when all my senses were taken away, I couldn’t control my nervous system anymore. It was really difficult to get through that scene.”

Phần cuối tiếp tục gia tăng cảnh nóng.

The actress said that before each of these vulnerable scenes, she and her co-stars did not have much time to hesitate or worry. They must try to discuss with each other to act in the most harmonious way and be determined to perform well so they don’t have to reshoot many times.

With Jamie Dornan, the actor also did not want to reveal his entire body in front of the camera even though there were countless nude scenes. Jamie once revealed that he used a special skin-colored bag to cover his penis during sex scenes. The Mist actor confided in Elle magazine on February 6 about his decision not to expose his sensitive parts: “You see a lot of my butt, that doesn’t bother me too much. You also see my chest.” Dakota. If I had a bust like hers, I’d be willing to show it off in front of the camera. But the rest, I

 don’t think it’s necessary for this story porn like many people think”.

The final part, titled 50 Shades of Gray: Freedom, will be released in North America and Europe from February 9. Although criticized by critics, the film was still warmly received by audiences with a revenue of 137 million USD worldwide in the first 3 days of release. In Vietnam, the film opens in theaters on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

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