Rumor has it that the ’50 Shades of Grey’ beauty broke up with the leader of Coldplay

Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin are said to have quietly ended their relationship after two years of dating.

The Sun newspaper quoted sources as saying that singer Chris Martin told friends that he and Dakota Johnson broke up last month. “Chris and Dakota always looked very happy together, even mentioned their engagement, so when he said they had parted ways, everyone was very surprised,” the source said.

Representatives of the two stars have not responded to this information. In April, the A Sky Full of Stars singer and 50 Shades of Gray star were still seen out and about in Malibu. Dakota also went to a party with Chris’s ex-wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, to celebrate the film’s release

Dakota và Chris Martin đi dạo gần nhà nam ca sĩ hồi tháng 4.

Dakota Johnson has been dating Chris Martin since late 2017.

Both are quite secretive about their love life and have never been to the red carpet together.However, their relationship is very deep. The 29-year-old actress always quietly goes to music nights to cheer her boyfriend on from behind the scenes. She also attended the holidays at Martin’s home with his two stepchildren.

The Coldplay leader had a 13-year marriage with actress Gwyneth Paltrow before breaking up in 2015. After the divorce, he dated actress Jennifer Lawrence for a short time before falling in love with Dakota Johnson. Meanwhile, Dakota had a deep love affair with actor Jordan Masterson but they broke up while she was filming Fifty Shades of Gray.

Dakota thân thiết với vợ cũ của Chris Martin trong bữa tiệc mừng phần cuối Avengers.

According to rumors, Dakota Johnson, the main actress of “50 Shades of Gray”, broke up with Chris Martin, the leader of Coldplay. This information was widely spread early last week, supposedly due to conflicts related to having children.

A source revealed: “Last month, the two seemed to suddenly realize they were aiming for completely different things. So they decided to stop.”

It is known that this couple has been dating for about 2 years. During their time together, they were quite private about their relationship. The difference in their desire to have children is said to be the main reason for their separation.

Rumors about the couple’s falling out began to appear around the end of 2021. Media reported that they were no longer seen together as often as before. In addition, neither of them posted any pictures related to each other on social networks for a long time. However, there has been no official confirmation from Johnson or Martin about this rift.

Several sources close to the couple said that their relationship is still good. They still spend time together but simply want to keep their relationship private. Another source shared that they are both very busy with work, which could explain their lack of appearances together.

Although rumors of Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin’s breakup are swirling, nothing has been confirmed. The couple still chooses to keep their relationship private. Fans can only wait and follow future developments

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