“Netflix Originals: 5 Gems for Geminis (& 5 They Might Not Click With)”

There are more shows and films than one can count on Netflix, although the streaming service is wrongly assumed to carry most of these from other networks. In fact, the service has a large variety of series and movies that are original productions. These can be selected based on one’s zodiac sign too, with Gemini being particularly picky.

People under this sign prefer content that keeps them guessing, has a fine balance in its themes, and has a generally quicker pace that has them invested with likable characters. In case you’re a Gemini looking for something to watch on Netflix, here are five you’ll love and five that are better left untouched.

Hate: Hemlock Grove (2013 – 2015)

The town of Hemlock Grove becomes host to a series of brutal murders, all of which seem to confound everyone. When the heir to the wealthiest family in town conducts his own investigations, he uncovers dark secrets previously unknown.

There’s quite a bit of in-your-face horror in this series, something that Geminis will get bored of soon enough. Even the secrets of the town aren’t as shocking as one might imagine, and the lack of a big payoff will be a turn off for people under this zodiac sign.

Love: Fuller House (2016 – 2020)

The elder daughters of the Tanner family household, along with DJ’s best friend Kimmy, make for a new family living under the same roof. Over time, they grow to become a true clan, as the characters cling to each other for support.

It’s every bit as heartwarming as its original series, and Fuller House’s heartwarming premise will appeal to Gemini people. In addition, the sassy quality of a bunch of characters will make them out to be the favorites in what is a lovely show for people of all ages.

Hate: The Witcher (2019 – Present)

Set across a vast, magical world, three characters are shown dealing with tragedies and adventures over a long span of time. It becomes clear they are all linked with each other in some way, with each protagonist looking to find answers to this connection.

Based on the book series as well as the video game franchise, The Witcher has taken the world by storm since its release. However, Geminis won’t be interested in much here, mainly due to the meandering pace of the series. Characters are separated for significant gaps, and there’s quite a fair bit of padding for Geminis to be remain invested in this show.

Love: The Haunting Of Hill House (2018)

Set in two different time periods, the Crain family is in focus as the audience watches their experiences with a supernatural force. Through the flashbacks and stories set in present-day, the narrative gaps are filled as it becomes clearer just what it is that haunts this family.

A story that keeps one guessing, The Haunting of Hill House does have a slow build initially, but makes up for it remarkably well by bringing in different points of views of the characters. Through this technique, there’s no way the average Gemini will turn away since the curiosity factor is sky high and a great payoff awaits.

Hate: The Ranch (2016 – 2020)

Detailing the lives of the Bennett family, the story starts off with the male members struggling to coexist due to clashes in personality. Eventually, a number of unforeseen tragedies come into place, forcing the family to make do with what they have.

While it starts out as a sitcom, The Ranch somehow turns into more of a dark drama midway through, a change that won’t sit well with Geminis. Rather than come across as a multi-layered show, it instead feels like it has an identity crisis. Had there been a good blend between comedy and drama, perhaps Geminis could have been recommended this series.

Love: Bird Box (2018)

A strange species attacks the human race, causing people to lose their minds the moment they see these creatures. A group of survivors with very different backgrounds is holed up together, with none of them equipped to handle the horrors outside.

The number of different personalities is exactly what will rope in a Gemini’s interest, as Bird Box keeps the tension running throughout the story. The horror is also built up splendidly, as the “less is more” aspect of things makes the creatures extremely scary without even showing them.

Hate: The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

Set in the Old West, six men who couldn’t be any more different find out they are all brothers. With this revelation, they decide to track down their father for more answers. On their way, though, their ridiculousness sparks a chain of crazy events.

It’s better not to bother with this film, no matter what your zodiac sign might be. Geminis in particular will be turned off in the opening minutes itself, as none of the outlandish jokes land. There’s no character development either, and most of The Ridiculous 6 is a waste of time.

Love: Living With Yourself (2019)

A man is promised a better life by visiting a spa for a mysterious treatment, only to learn he’s had himself cloned. With his other half running around town, he must now make sense of things before they get out of control.

There’s perhaps no better series suited for Geminis, as this one literally has two sides of the same person. It explores the differences in personalities based on situations one finds themselves in, and Paul Rudd’s charming performance ensure every scene is a hoot.

Hate: Orange Is The New Black (2013 – 2019)

A woman with a bunch of problems is sent to a penitentiary after being sentenced. While she’s there, she witnesses a host of other characters who might be crazier than she is, along with a number of issues from her past opening up.

Like the case was with The Ranch, Orange Is the New Black also has some uneven aspects to it, as the comedy isn’t very well balanced with the drama. Gemini people also favor shows that have a character they can root for, but this one doesn’t present much of these as even the protagonist isn’t all that likable. It definitely appeals to other zodiac people, just not for Geminis who won’t be entertained for long.

Love: Stranger Things (2016 – Present)

In the 1980s, the disappearance of a young boy causes everyone attached to him to conduct their own investigations to find him. Eventually, it’s discovered that he’s trapped in an alternate dimension, as a mysterious girl with powers arrives in town.

Despite its dark premise, Stranger Things is a surprisingly touching series that has everything from comedy, drama, action, and horror. Gemini will love exploring the different kinds of characters available, and the show’s quick pace of the events ensures a binge-watch for each and every season. More than anything, it is the creativity that the cinematography and story bring that Geminis will cling on to.

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