Meemaw Actor’s Young Sheldon Cancelation Criticism Is Proven Right By New CBS Data

Weeks after it ended, Meemaw actor’s criticism over Young Sheldon‘s cancelation is proven by new data from CBS. On the heels of the dual strikes of 2023 and the delayed start of the whole TV year, it was announced that Young Sheldon would be ending with a shortened seventh season. Rumbles about the show wrapping up, however, started even before the Young Sheldon season 6 finale, as the prequel reached the point in the timeline where Sheldon was supposed to leave Texas and move to California. Despite that, however, the confirmation about the show ending didn’t come until several months later.

After significantly fewer episodes, the Young Sheldon finale delivered an emotional send-off for the Coopers. Tackling the aftermath of George’s tragic death, the first half of the series-capper was devoted to his funeral. After that, the prequel shifted its storytelling to ending Sheldon’s story in Texas and transitioning him into his new life at Caltech. The ending was objectively good, especially in light of several disappointing finales. That said, there has been an argument that Young Sheldon shouldn’t have ended with season 7. Potts has echoed that sentiment and a fresh update proves she is correct.

Lance Barber played a secret character during George’s funeral and a theory suggests that she may be the missing Cooper in the Young Sheldon finale.

CBS Proves Annie Potts’ Young Sheldon’s Cancelation Problem

Before the show entered its final month, Potts openly criticized Young Sheldon‘s cancelation, citing how it was a bad business move, considering how popular the series was. She also revealed that they were ambushed by the decision to end The Big Bang Theory prequel. Several weeks after the project officially wrapped up its run, the official viewership data from the shortened 2023-2024 TV season confirms her claims, with Young Sheldon being the most-watched comedy of the year (via TV Line). Overall, it posted 9.3 million weekly viewers, a far cry from the second place, Ghost, with 8.2 million.

Since The Big Bang Theory ended in 2019, its spinoff took over its place as TV’s number 1 comedy. By the time Young Sheldon wrapped up, it had won that accolade five years in a row, which is a testament to its consistency. Even as the series evolved beyond its original premise and transitioned to become more like an ensemble show, it was able to maintain its success and viewership. Looking at these numbers, it’s difficult not to agree with Potts’ sentiments.

Lance Barber played a secret character during George’s funeral and a theory suggests that she may be the missing Cooper in the Young Sheldon finale.

How Young Sheldon Could Have Continued After Sheldon’s Move

CBS is continuing the Coopers’ story in Texas after Young Sheldon via Georgie and Mandy’s spinoff, Georgie And Mandy’s First Marriage. That said, there was actually a more seamless way to move the family forward without launching a new show that would have a different format. By a slight rebranding to The Coopers, which would accurately reflect the project’s storytelling anyway, CBS would have been able to keep the remainder of the cast after Sheldon moved to California and George’s death.

In Georgie And Mandy’s First Marriage, none of the other Cooper family members will be returning as series regulars aside from Montana Jordan and Emily Osment. This means that despite the storytelling potential for Meemaw and Missy, their stories will likely never fully play out on the screen. The pair and Mary may pop in as guest stars, but they won’t be the focal point of a major storyline after Young Sheldon again.

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