Jennifer Lawrence’s Fall From Grace?

Jennifer Lawrence’s Fall From Grace?

Returning to the 18+ romantic comedy genre, it seems that Lawrence has not been able to return to the box office star position like a decade ago. What has stopped this hot blonde star, is it the decline of Hollywood that has led to a cruel elimination, regardless of the brightest prospects?

“No Hard Feelings” (theatrical title: The Nanny Teaches Love) is one of two projects that Lawrence participated in this year, in both the roles of actress and producer. If “Bread and Roses” has not revealed much information, “No Hard Feelings” was released on June 23 under Sony Pictures – one of the most veteran distributors in the US. Contrary to critics’ expectations, the film is not much different from the works with the same “sex comedy” theme that were popular decades ago. Audiences under the age of 25 supported the film with an entertaining spirit, helping “No Hard Feelings” rank fourth in the box office rankings last weekend, leaving the top three spots for the “blockbusters”.

Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of “No Hard Feelings”
With a budget of nearly 50 million USD, the producer must have expected “No Hard Feelings” to create an explosive hit like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” or “Hangover” at one time, but compared to the image of female warrior Katniss, the female technology driver Maddie in the film has enough appeal, similar to the name Jennifer Lawrence. Why has her “hotness” decreased over the years? What is happening to the face of the Dior brand?

From “Wild Horse” to “IT Girl” sought after by Hollywood

Born and raised in the suburbs of Indian Hills, Lawrence became acquainted with and loved the horses on the local farm where she rode them and enjoyed the most peaceful countryside feeling in America. But what nurtured the young girl’s soul was the hymns and singing lessons at high school, of course Lawrence also revealed her natural talent early on despite her family, especially her mother, strongly opposed. Like a wild horse who loves freedom, adventure and risk, Lawrence dropped out of school at the age of 14 when her family lied about letting her study acting. From this time, Lawrence soon experienced the first traumas of adolescence, thanks to which she was able to “mature” before her age and perceive roles with more depth.

She is a horse lover!
Not wanting to become a photo model, Lawrence sought opportunities in television series and worked hard to rise from the smallest roles. Opportunities always come to those who are determined: In 2008, at the age of 16, Lawrence set a record as one of the youngest actors to win the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the Venice Film Festival for her first big-screen role in “The Burning Plain”. Just two years after being called “promising” by European critics, Lawrence immediately caught the attention of Hollywood with her first Oscar nomination for “Winter’s Bone”. In the film, she plays Ree Dolly – a 17-year-old girl carrying the burden of family: taking care of her mentally ill mother and younger siblings, while trying in vain to find her father…

Scene in “Winter’s Bone”
Lawrence’s role is straightforward, lively but still quite simple, Rolling Stone called her “a performance like a storm waiting to hit, her eyes seeming to tear everything apart…”. As the soul of the film, when “Winter’s Bone” won big at the Sundance Film Festival, Jennifer Lawrence immediately shone in every aspect. After just one night, her name appeared everywhere, people called her “IT girl” following Scarlett Johansson, the title of “silver screen star” was very close but Lawrence had to trade many things to get the position she wanted… Is it the Oscar curse or the media vortex affecting talent?

With just one year of “relaxing” to find truly bright opportunities, Jennifer Lawrence has put her name on the list of box office guarantees through two films “The Hunger Games” and “Silver Linings Playbook” – this is also considered the formula to create a star in Hollywood: make money at the beginning of the year, win an Oscar at the end of the year! Indeed, since playing the hot Mystique in the “X-Men” prequel series, Lawrence has shown her ability to transform diversely, skillfully handling all types of roles, including action. That’s why Lawrence surpassed many potential candidates to become Katniss in “The Hunger Games” – a survival-themed movie with an investment of 78 million USD – a record number for a main actress who was not necessarily an A-list star like Lawrence at that time.

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