Fuller House: Steve’s [SPOILER] Poses A Big Problem for DJ

The looming wedding between DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) and Steve (Scott Weinger) poses a unique problem for the eldest Tanner daughter in Fuller House. Netflix’s sequel spin-off of the ’80s/early ’90s family-centric sitcom, Full House, debuted in 2016 and is currently in the middle of its final season. Instead of dropping all 18 episodes at once, Netflix split Fuller House’s final year with its first 9 outings now available for streaming, while saving the rest for a currently unknown roll out date some time next year. Part 1 ends on a cliffhanger: DJ accepting Steve’s proposal of marriage.

So far, Fuller House has satisfied its old and new fanbase with the main story focused on the two older daughters of Danny Tanner (Bob Saget): DJ Tanner-Fuller (Candace Cameron-Bure) and Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), alongside their long-time friend, Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber). Season 5 part 1 ended with the surprise engagement of DJ to her childhood sweetheart, Steve Hale, with plans for a triple wedding alongside her sister and best friend. However, one there’s one issue with DJ’s impending marriage — what’s going to be her full name?

DJ goes by the name Donna Jo Tanner-Fuller, adapting both her maiden name and late husband’s surname. It’s uncertain what’s going to be her full name when she marries Steve. Technically, there’s nothing wrong with Donna Jo Tanner-Fuller-Hale, but that sounds ridiculous and impractical. So which of her current last names can she opt to drop? Unfortunately, regardless of her choice, it will always lead to some complications.

The whole premise of Fuller House revolves around Stephanie and Kimmy coming to DJ’s rescue when she tragically lost her husband while on the line of duty as a fireman. With three sons of her own — Jackson, Max and Tommy, her story mirrors that of her father from Full House, in which Joey (Dave Coulier) and Jesse (John Stamos) help to raise Danny’s three daughters. Considering that DJ didn’t drop Tanner from her name when she first got married, she could have some important reasons for keeping it, and it’s safe to say that she’ll have the same stance with her upcoming wedding.

On the flip-side, changing her name to simply Donna Jo Tanner Hale seems disrespectful to her past life with her late husband. Fuller House already did a bad job addressing the emotional toll that his death supposedly took on her and the boys. Removing his name entirely ups the level of disrespect that character has endured from the show since it’ll make him look like nothing more but a plot device. At least Full House devoted several episodes to revisiting Pam’s unfortunate car crash, tackling how her death affected Danny and the girls, unlike its sequel spin-off which barely mentions Tommy. Getting rid of Fuller also poses an issue with DJ’s professional work since her shared veterinary clinic with Matt Harmon is named Harmon-Fuller Pet Care.

Chances are that the triple wedding will take place late in the remaining nine episodes, so it’s possible that Fuller House doesn’t even have to address this issue. Fans would just have to wait to find out when the back half of season 5 is finally available on Netflix.

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