“Fuller House on Netflix: 10 Continuity Errors Across Seasons 2-5”

The Netflix series Fuller House has been on the air for four years, and fans have loved watching each new season as they have come along. The Full House spin-off has done pretty well for itself with five seasons and over sixty episodes.

While some viewers enjoy watching TV series for the stories and the actors, other fans like to be on the lookout for mistakes. Observant audience members can sometimes notice continuity errors of many types, and they almost become little Easter eggs. Here are ten goofs that you may not have noticed from Fuller House season two on.

November, February, December

DJ is turning 39 in the season two episode, “New Kids in the House,” and Kimmy and Stephanie are planning a big surprise. While DJ loves her pillow person from Steve that looks just like the one she had as a kid, she is even more excited when her sister and best friend bring the members of New Kids on the Block to meet her in her own living room! Prior to this episode, the family celebrated Thanksgiving, and in an episode after DJ’s birthday, they celebrate Christmas. However, DJ was born in February!

Age-Old Oops

5 year old Stephanie Tanner looks mischievous as she stands in the Tanner living room
In the original Full House, the girls’ mother Pamela passes away a little while before the first episode, which aired in September of 1987. DJ is around ten years old, Stephanie is five, and Michelle is less than a year.

However, in Fuller House episode, “Nutcrackers,” from season two, Stephanie says that she was only four when her mother passed away. She was born January 14, 1982, and her mother’s death occurred several months into 1987, which would make her five years old.


In the eighth episode of season two, “A Tangled Web,” Jackson and Ramona offer to babysit Rocki’s pet tarantula Spot, but things don’t go quite as planned. Every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare comes true when Spot climbs out of his tank, and he eventually ends up crawling on Max! While the spider shown in the beginning is black with orange stripes, the spider shown climbing on Max’s head is black with yellow stripes. That’s some impressive color changing!

How Big Is This House?

Stephanie and Jimmy bring home their newborn girl in the season five episode, “Welcome Home, Baby To Be Named Later,” and like the title says, she does not yet have a name. Per Tanner tradition, they want to present her with a name while she wears the Baby Naming Gown, which Danny states is in the attic. In Full House, the attic is transformed into an apartment for Jesse and Becky, and in Fuller House, Kimmy and Fernando live there. When the kids go to look for the gown, there is suddenly a brand new attic that has never been seen or mentioned before that apparently exists above what we thought was the attic.

Mask Mistake

When the kids go up to the attic in search of the baby naming gown, they find a variety of interesting things from the original show that Full House fans got a kick out of. There’s Michelle’s pink and white tricycle, Stephanie’s buddy Mr. Bear, and Jesse’s iconic Elvis jumpsuit.

Max also finds a King Jaguarito mask from when he dressed up in the episode, “The Legend of El Explosivo.” However, something is a little different. It’s not the same mask! The one Max wore before goes over his whole head, while the one he finds in the attic just covers his face.

Eat It And Weep

In season five episode, “Hale’s Kitchen,” Steve has surprised DJ with a cooking class that they will take together. DJ is a little nervous about the class, entitled, “Advanced French Cooking,” because she thinks Steve doesn’t know how to cook. Turns out he has some experience up his sleeve! DJ is surprised by this, and she mentions that she has never seen him cook before, only eat. This is actually not true. Steve and DJ made “Steve burgers” in the episode, “Save the Dates,” but she apparently forgot!

Birthday Blunder

DJ is turning 40 in the episode, “DJ’s Amazing 40th Birthday Race,” in season five, and it’s the second time she celebrates a birthday in the series. The first birthday of hers that we saw was three years earlier, when she turned 39. Wait a minute. She’s turning 40 this year, and three years ago she turned 39? That math just doesn’t add up! Maybe time doesn’t quite work the same in the Fuller House world, but it’s hard to explain why DJ’s baby Tommy has gotten three years older when DJ is only one year older.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Kimmy has decided to start dating in the episode, “Five Dates With Kimmy Gibbler,” because she wants to see who is out there and determine if Fernando really is the right one for her. She plans to go on multiple dates in one night, and a jealous Fernando follows her, going to the restaurant to spy on her dates.

When he takes a peek at Kimmy and her gentlemen friends, we see that he has a bit of stubble going on, but before and after the dates, he is clean-shaven. Maybe it grew back really fast, and then he shaved again!

How About A Hand?

During the episode, “A Modest Proposal,” the kids are working at the sandwich shop that Jimmy and Fernando own. Max reveals that he is getting paid to make sandwiches and even has benefits, while the other kids get nada. Ramona goes to ask him more about this later, and he reveals that he is set to retire at seventeen. Ramona makes a shocked face and gestures to him with her right hand. In the shot immediately following, she has switched and is pointing at him with her left hand.

Cast Catastrophe

Fernando wants to propose to Kimmy in, “A Modest Proposal,” and the whole family is helping. There is going to be a big flash mob to surprise her, and everyone is excitedly preparing. However, things go awry when Kimmy seems to get hurt, and it appears that things won’t go as planned. Something is fishy though because while Kimmy injures her left ankle, she actually wears her cast on the right ankle!

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