“Fuller House: 10 Hidden Easter Eggs You Probably Missed on First Watch”

When Netflix first announced that Full House was getting a reboot, fans of the original series were excited to get to reconnect with the Tanner family. Fuller House definitely did not disappoint, aside from the fact that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen never appeared on the show. Over five seasons, fans of the original got to watch the girls navigate adulthood and laugh with them like they did all those years ago.

While Fuller House did a lot of things to set its self apart from the original series, it also knew the importance of the original and the rich history Full House left behind. With this in mind, Fuller House never strayed away from borrowing plots and placing easter eggs from the original series throughout all five seasons of the show.

The Nearlywed Game

The Tanner-Fullers are no stranger to playing cheesy games, their favorite being the newlywed game. Back in season 7 of Full House, Joey was set to host a new game show called “The Perfect Couple” and wanted to practice his hosting skills out with the family. Thus, Jesse/Becky, Danny/Estella, and Steve/DJ got their chance to prove who was the superior couple. The episode is fun and full of chaos so of course, Fuller House had to have its shot at the legendary episode.

This time, Jackson hosted while the three engaged couples battled it out to see who reigned supreme. It’s also worth noting that both of these episodes aired during their respective shows final seasons.

Jesse Seeks Revenge

Jesse might be a fan favorite, but that doesn’t mean he’s the best parental figure out of the original and rebooted cast. During the final season of Fuller House, Jesse organizes a playdate with Pamala’s classmates to find out which one of her “friends” bit her. His plan is to find out so that Pamela can bite the kid back.

If this sounds familiar its because it’s a huge callback to the “A Pinch for a Pinch” episode of Full House. In this episode, Jesse is helping in Michelle’s class when a classmate pinches Michelle. Clearly, Jesse didn’t learn his lesson.

S.S. Papoulie Life Preserver

During the fourth season of Fuller House D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy enjoy a much-needed girl’s night out in the episode entitled “Angels’ Night Out.” While this episode very obviously resembles the Full House episode “Sea Cruise,” in which Danny takes Joey and Jesse on an all-male fishing trip, there’s another easter egg hidden within this episode.

As the cruise takes a turn, D.J. reaches for a life preserver that reads “S.S. Papoulie.” Hardcore Full House fans will recognize that name the Tanner girls affectionately called their great grandfather. Not only is the name symbolic but it’s also a callback to the Papoulie life preserver that Danny bought for his new boat that he named dedicated to Papoulie after he passed away in season 7.

The Love Shack Dance

While “The Nearlywed Game” episode was a callback as a whole, there were also some fun easter eggs within the episode, too. After the game takes a turn for the worse, the guys decide they need to cheer up their future wives. Jimmy decides the best way to show Stefanie how much he loves her is to recreate one of her iconic dance numbers, matching outfit and all.

Fans might remember Stefanie’s “Love Shack” dance from the season 3 Full House episode “Our Very First Telethon” where Danny falls asleep leaving the family in charge of filling the 24-hour telethon with content. Jimmy definitely nailed the routine.

Recreating Rusty’s Prank

Rusty might not have been around the Tanners for long but his presence in the Full House episode “Terror in Tanner Town” was definitely iconic. After Rusty’s mother starts dating Danny, the young boy decides to make life a living hell for the Tanner family by constantly pranking them when Danny agrees to watch him for his mother.

One of his pranks was so iconic that Max decided to recreate it alongside his crush Rose to get revenge on his older sibling. Together, Max and Rose tie Ramona and Jackson’s doors together so neither of them nor their friends can get to each other to get their New Year’s Eve kiss.

There’s A Car In The Kitchen

This might be a more obvious callback to the original ABC series but its so iconic that it needed to make the list. Many fans will remember the Full House episode “Honey, I Broke The House,” in which Stephanie accidentally drives Joey’s car through the kitchen after climbing into the car to play in. It seemed unlikely that Fuller House would recreate the scene but luckily, they did during the final season!

Joey shows up at the house with an exact replica of the car Stephanie wrecked in the original series. Once again, she finds herself using Joey’s car, this time to run an errand, but ultimately drives it through the kitchen … again.

The Clipboard Of Fun

Danny Tanner was always organized and that surely hasn’t changed with the Fuller House reboot. The clipboard of fun made its first appearance in season 3 of Full House when the Tanner family travels to Hawaii and Danny has the entire vacation scheduled meticulously. Fans will remember the Clipboard of Fun being thrown into the ocean when the family ends up on a deserted island only for it to wash back to shore.

That’s not the only time the Clipboard of Fun resurfaces though, in fact, it makes an appearance during season 3 of Fuller House. Danny is seen holding the clipboard while judging the family’s Fourth of July pie-eating contest.

Yankee Doodle Dandy

“Yankee Doodle Dandy” was a very important song for the Tanner girls growing up. Determined to carry on the Tanner family tradition of singing the song, Michelle auditions for the role in her school play but loses it to Derek, one of her friends, during the season six episode of Full House.

While the Olsen twins might have denounced the need to appear on the rebooted series, that didn’t stop Blake McIver Ewing, who portrayed Derek, to make a guest appearance in the final season. Derek reappears singing the song in the hopes of being picked to officiate the triple wedding when their original plans fall through.

The Wedding Guests

The series finale of Fuller House was definitely emotional thanks to the girl’s finally getting their happily ever afters. Fans were so caught up in the emotions of it all that they may have missed some very brief but important easter eggs placed throughout the crowd.

Both DJ and Kimmy’s former exes, Viper and Wayne, were in attendance for the triple wedding. In fact, Wayne even got to deliver his catchphrase one more time! Vicky, Danny’s ex-fiance, even made an appearance in the final episode.

The Props

While Fuller House definitely put a modern spin on popular Full House episodes, they also did an amazing job of incorporating original props into the background over the five seasons. DJ’s Pillow Person made an appearance during season 2 when Steve gifted it to DJ on her birthday. And of course, Mr. Bear, Stephanie’s beloved teddy bear, made an appearance in season 3 when she tries to gift it to Max who refuses.

Other memorable props include the Honeybee outfits DJ and Stephanie wore during the early seasons of Full House and DJ’s iconic flip phone, which the girls find in the attic during the final season of Fuller House.

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