“Full House & Fuller House Couples: A Ranking You Need to See”

Back in 1987, Full House first aired, and it came on TV until 1995. In 2016, a sequel series, Fuller House, came to Netflix, and that story wrapped up in June 2020.

Since this show spanned across decades and also followed young characters in adulthood, there were a good amount of couples featured within the feel-good story. Who was the best, though? Which significant others became and/or stayed fan favorites? Whose love story was the most beautiful? Here are some of the answers.

Danny & Vicky

Danny Tanner had lost his wife, but he met a woman named Vicky Larson at work. The two started dating and even got engaged at Disney World! However, the relationship did not work out in the end.

Recently, in Fuller House, Vicky popped up again and was shown briefly talking to Danny. Anything can happen, so fingers crossed that these two still end up tying the knot, as they fit together quite well.

Matt & Gia


Gia was a bad girl in school and one of Stephanie’s friends. And after D.J. and Matt broke up in Fuller House, Gia and Matt became a couple and got married!

Obviously, he and D.J. were not meant to be, but it is still sort of weird seeing this couple together. Nevertheless, they seem to make each other happy, which is of the utmost importance (even when it comes to Gia and exes).

Joey & Ginger

Joey Gladstone was like a father on the original show, and in the sequel series, it was revealed that he was married to a woman named Ginger and had four children: Phyllis, Lewis, Joan, and Jerry. Whenever Joey’s family got brought up on Fuller House, everyone would cringe, as they were a bit odd and a bit messy.

Joey has always been a fan favorite, though, so seeing him out on his own, with a loving family, is just beautiful.

Ramona & Ethan

Ramona is Kimmy’s daughter, and she had a couple of boyfriends within this story.

When it wrapped up, though, she was with Ethan; he worked as a food deliverer, he was a fan of Fernando’s, he worked to protect the planet, and he instantly fell in love with Ramona! Plus, they are one very attractive couple.

Max & Rose

One of D.J.’s sons is Maxwell “Max” Fuller, and he, too, has a girlfriend: Rose Harbenberger. Just as Gia and Matt, who were mentioned up above, met through this family, Max met Rose because her mom, C.J., used to be engaged to Steve Hale.

While it is young love that may or may not last, seeing these two together is too cute.

Jesse & Rebecca

A couple that has been together forever would be Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky Katsopolis; their wedding was a very memorable moment on Full House, and they, of course, had to be a part of Fuller House.

They have twin sons, Nicky and Alex, and they also have an adopted daughter, Pamela. What an adorable family!

Jackson & Rocki

D.J.’s oldest child is Jackson, and as a good-looking teenager, he was involved in a couple of relationships, as well. In the end, he was with Rocki… Gia’s daughter! Like her mom, she had a bit of a wild and sarcastic side, and though they seemed like an unlikely duo, they were really in love.

Those on the show and watching the show weren’t sure if they would make it, but as of the finale episode, they were still together and stronger than ever.

Stephanie & Jimmy

Now, it is time for the main three couples, who all tied the knot at the end of Fuller House! First up is Stephanie Tanner and Jimmy Gibbler.

Steph probably never thought she would end up marrying into this crazy family, but they completed one another. They had fun together. And they made a beautiful baby girl.

Kimmy & Fernando

Next up is Kimmy Gibbler, who had an on-again, off-again relationship with Fernando Hernandez Guerero Fernandez Guerrero, who was once a famous race car driver and who had Ramona with Kimmy. These two were made to be with one another, as they were both dramatic and wacky in the best way possible.

It was assumed that they would wind up together forever, and seeing them get married, again, in the way that they did, was so incredible.

D.J. & Steve

And the best couple from Full House and from Fuller House is D.J. and Steve! They dated in high school and were the it couple. Years passed, but they still had this bond and connection.

So eventually, they got engaged (Was that not the cutest proposal ever?!), and then they got married in the Tanner’s backyard, alongside their best friends and their family members. Yes, one thing is for sure, even though both of these lovely television shows have ended: #SteejayForever!

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