Full House: 5 Plot Holes You Missed & 5 Believable Fan Theories

With Fuller House coming to a close, it is time to review the classic show and finally address some of the questions that we have about its content and characters. Surprisingly, even after the original series and its reboot both came to an end, there are still things that we wonder about after all of these years.

Where did Danny’s obsession compulsion to clean come from? Why did Jesse’s name change? How did so many people live in an attic that cannot be seen from exterior shots of the house? We will explore (and try to answer) those questions and more in this article.

Makes No Sense: Danny’s Changing Personality

One of the first episodes of the original show features the three men of the house frantically cleaning it, top to bottom, in order to assure their mothers that they need not move in with them because they can handle the house and the girls on their own.

Later, in the series, Danny is labeled as an obsessive cleaner and it is explained that he has been this way since childhood. But how could a man whose entire personality is based around scrubbing every inch of his home allow that very same home to get so out of hand?

Fan Theory: A Result of Trauma

Perhaps that urge to clean was always there but he was struggling far more with the loss of his wife than he let on. Maybe Danny was truly suffering afterwards and was simply doing everything he could to keep up appearances but some things slipped through the cracks.

It is very possible that this trauma put Danny on autopilot mode as he knew he had to keep it together for his girls but that he ended up neglecting some less important things like cleaning up after the family. This explains why, as he slowly was able to move on with his life, his love for cleaning eventually came back to him.

Makes No Sense: Jesse’s Changing Name

Some die hard fans of the series may find themselves rather bothered by the fact that Uncle Jesse’s name changes in the shows earlier seasons without explanation. When his surname is brought up again after the change, it is revealed that Jesse is actually a Greek-American man and many later episodes delve into his heritage in further detail.

But why would they simply change a character’s name out of the blue? Was it simply to make his Greek heritage more realistic or was there another reason for this change entirely? Perhaps it was tied to his career.

Fan Theory: It’s His Stage Name

Maybe Jesse felt that his lengthy and traditional Greek surname was far too long and difficult to pronounce for him to keep it as he was trying to make it big in the music world. Artists are known to short and change their last names in order to create a more dynamic and memorable stage name.

It is fair to say that Cochran is far easier to pronounce than Katsopolis. It is even possible that Jesse reverted back to his birth name after deciding to leave the extermination business to pursue music (against his fathers wishes) in order to keep that family connection alive.

Makes No Sense: Where Is Kimmy’s Brother?

Jimmy Gibbler was added to the cast of Fuller House but it seems rather odd that Kimmy, who lived next door to the Tanner’s for her entire life, would never mention him. Why was he never mentioned?

It feels weird that he was never seen in the original show nor even mentioned as an off-hand comment. He was never seen dropping Kimmy off, calling her back home for dinner, at the kids’ school. It seems rather odd that such an important person in her life went unmentioned until the reboot.

Fan Theory: He Was Simply Never Mentioned

If one were to rewatch the original show, they would notice that Kimmy is constantly mentioning her siblings. We know that she has at least three sisters and an older brother named Garth, so it could be very possible that Jimmy was simply another member of the Gibbler family that she simply neglected to mention.

Kimmy having a very large family also makes sense when one considers the fact that she is literally never home. Maybe her parents have her hands full and Kimmy feels like she gets lost in the shuffle when she is at home but feels like she gets some much-needed attention at the Tanner house.

Makes No Sense: The Layout Of The House

The show contains many exterior shots of the house in order to set the scene and open the show. However, some features of the house simply don’t make sense to exist when compared to these exterior shots. Where is the attic?

The house in question does not appear to have an attic at all, so how were so many people able to live in it? Was the attic simply added on later, without much thought to earlier episodes, in order to explain how so many people were able to fit into one house?

Fan Theory: Misleading Visuals

There is the possibility that the exterior shots of the house could be rather misleading and do not show all of its features on a first look. Perhaps the house was designed to appear sleek and basic from the outside but to be deceptively large on the inside.

Maybe the attic structure was hidden by framing the top exterior floor with vertical rather than diagonal walls. Maybe the house is wider in the rear than it appears from the front.

Makes No Sense: Danny Tanner 2.0

It seems rather odd that DJ would grow up to be an exact clone of her father. From his neurotic tendencies to the intimate details of his very life, somehow DJ took the saying “walk a mile in their footsteps” very literally.

There is just something weird about her losing her spouse in a tragic manner while her three children are roughly the same age that she and her sisters were when they lost their mother and then having her music loving relative and dopey best friend move in to help her process the event.

Fan Theory: These Traits Came Later

Or maybe there was just not enough time in the original show to really explore the woman that DJ was becoming. In the shows early seasons, she was just a child and her personality had not really set in yet.

Near the original shows ending, we see her start to develop anxieties around her performance, the actions of her friends, and her future. We also see her beginning to develop some Danny style control issues as well, mostly centred around wanting everyone around her to do what she feels is the right thing and getting rather emotional when they do not. Maybe, after the shows conclusion and before the start of the reboot, DJ falls more and more into those traits and becomes the rebooted Danny Tanner that we know and love from the Netflix series.

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