“Full House: 10 Aspects of DJ & Steve’s Relationship That Wouldn’t Pass Today’s Standards”

Before they were ever “Stee-jay” on Fuller House, DJ and Steve had a long journey in love on Full House. They experienced the first kisses of a high school romance, they parted ways when the sparks grew dim, and they remained close enough for Steve to take DJ to prom in the series finale.

While this couple might not be everyone’s favorite match, they do get their happily-ever-after. As much as fans love them, it is interesting to note how the initial Steve-DJ relationship would change in the current television sitcom climate. Here are 10 examples of what would need to change in the classic 90s relationship.

Odd Introduction

A sharp Full House fan knows that Steve Hale was introduced as Steve Peters. While this can happen and characters’ names can change, the stranger thing is the shift in Steve’s personality.

When he is first introduced as DJ’s contraband movie date, Steve is much more suave and cool. The Steve of later days is a goofy guy, but still cute. Fans today would be much quicker to point out this switch in Steve’s character.

Love In Spain

In the course of eight seasons of Full House, DJ’s trip to Spain might not be the most memorable storyline. It’s important, though.

This trip (that Danny didn’t even want to send her on) is where DJ and Steve find each other. Viewers today might be upset to be left out of the true genesis of the Steve Hale + DJ Tanner romance.


The second Steve and DJ get off the plane, they are locked in a passionate embrace, kissing like there is no tomorrow. It is so extravagant that the Tanners don’t even recognize DJ right away. And when they do, they’re appalled.

This is just the beginning of DJ paying more attention to Steve than anyone else. It could be frustrating back then, and it would be frustrating now.

Steve Over Everything

DJ’s priorities were out of whack sometimes. She forgets about her sisters here and there and isn’t sympathetic to Kimmy not having a boyfriend.

It is annoying that DJ can’t balance her love for Steve with her love for her best friend and her family, and fans would voice this opinion today.


It may seem like DJ and Steve are equally invested in the physical side of their relationship. They are caught more than once making out on the couch.

Steve never comes across as one to pressure DJ, but he sure is all over her. The actual moves of this relationship would be much more scrutinized today.


Unfortunately, Steve really messes with DJ’s relationship with her family, especially her dad. She totally disrespects Danny’s rules multiple times. In addition to the movie theater incident of Steve’s first appearance, DJ always wants to do things her way.

This gets her into some trouble when she goes over to Steve’s new apartment and the two fall asleep together. Sure, DJ is growing up. That doesn’t mean she can just do whatever she wants, though, and it shouldn’t for a high schooler today, either.

Intellectual Imbalance

When Steve returns for Fuller House, he is a fairly bright man. However, he is not known for his intellect in the Full House days. He does have plenty of emotional intelligence and is perceptive to how others are feeling. But, he lacks common sense and doesn’t always apply himself.

DJ excels in school, but Steve has difficulty getting into good colleges. Some might struggle with this disconnect if the relationship was shown this way today.

Hungry, Steve?

Steve is always eating the Tanners out of house and home. Thankfully, they keep a well-stocked fridge. DJ really doesn’t make a huge deal out of Steve’s hungry habits.

This may seem like a small detail, but what self-respecting boyfriend would just eat everything in sight at his girlfriend’s house? No matter how at home someone feels, there should still be boundaries.

Different Stages Of Life

DJ and Steve grow apart when they move into different phases of life. While Steve is getting the college experience, DJ starts to feel left out, since she is still in high school.

This isn’t a terrible thing, and it could still affect characters on a show today. What would not fly is DJ getting left in the dust. She shouldn’t feel like she has to wait around for Steve in order to have fun.

Saying Goodbye

Steve and DJ’s break-up is one of the most emotional breakups of the series. The lovers part when they decide the relationship has run its course.

This is acceptable, and even freeing for DJ, but it still doesn’t feel quite right. Nowadays, ending a long term relationship on a TV series isn’t often quickly tied up in a little bow.

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