Costuming Branch Wars From The Office

While working from home for over a year during the pandemic, I was missing the office and my coworkers. So we marathon binged The Office in its entirety. With DragonCon 2021 not being canceled this year, but still being held with restrictions, I wanted a comfortable cosplay option for casual day wear. So we decided on costumes from Branch Wars (season 4, episode 6), fake mustaches and all.

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I usually make my own costumes, but this trio was purchased right before the convention. I found custom shirts on Etsy and specifically requested Jim, Dwight, and Michael for the name tags even though their uniforms were “borrowed” from warehouse workers. I also don’t mind that the patches are on opposite sides in the show, which was over 10 years ago, after all. And I found super cheap stick-on mustaches on Amazon that we put on our faces and on the outside of our masks.

We wore these costumes to watch the DragonCon parade on Saturday morning, and only took a couple silly selfies. But we made a lot of people laugh. Will definitely wear again, maybe even to my actual office some Halloween in the future.

“You and I are going to sneak inside and pretend that we are warehouse workers. And then we will silly string the beejeezus out of the place.”

– Michael, The Office, “Branch Wars” Season 4 Episode 6

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