19 Of Kevin Malone’s Best Moments Ever

With the news of the hit show The Office leaving Netflix, I thought I would shed some light on a show that has truly impacted my life for the better.

Instead of just picking the best episodes of the series, I decided to show some appreciation for someone I believe does not get enough credit: Kevin Malone, the overweight accountant (drummer on the side) who never fails to make us laugh with his blunt/offensive comments and immature sense of humor. Here are a few moments that only scratch the surface of what an amazing character Kevin Malone is.

1. When he showed everyone how many M&Ms he could fit in his mouth

2. When he tried out a new look

3. When his first reaction was breaking into the vending machine during Dwight’s fire drill

4. When he goes on a rant about Phillip

5. When he started leaving out words to save time

6. When he dressed as Phyllis to see if Stanley would notice

7. When he had the innovated idea to solve his shoe situation

8. When he was just fed up at the office beach games

9. When he had to remind himself that he can’t eat cats

10. When he was so close to saving a life

11. When he made the office think that he had a dead dog

12. When he made a sweet rap on the work bus for his name

13. When he just wanted to enjoy his pigs in a blanket in a blanket

14. When he made everything inappropriate with his favorite number

15. When he thought Holly was flipping him off

17. When he found out Oscar was having an affair with the Senator

18. When he tried fixing the dead turtle severa

19. When he spilled his famous chili all over the floor

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